Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend part 2

Hello lovelies,
sorry this post is late. I have been dealing with some frustrating health issues lately and they've been kind of sucking my energy to do things. I am trying to get them sorted out but it's proving complicated, of course, so wish me luck!

Anyhow, I wanted to share a bit from my Sunday which was mostly lovely! Ben & I went to Make It, a really cool handmade market that happens twice a year. We planned on getting drinks to enjoy while walking around (we figured it's the only craft fair we know that serves alcohol so we should partake ;) ) and hoped to find a new wallet for Ben. Unfortunately we didn't find a wallet, but we did enjoy a beer each (and were congratulated on doing so by a number of sellers, haha), ate DELICIOUS pistachio macaroons from French Made Baking (seriously they were melt-in-your-mouth heavenly!!) and picked up a few small gifts for people. Then I picked up some supplies that I am really excited about! We headed over to Spool of Thread because I'd seen some fabric they have online that I "had to have" because it is gorgeous and is covered in adorable dogs (even though I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet). If you've never been, they are a sewing lounge: they have awesome fabrics and host sewing classes. They also have great neighbours including Collage Collage (love!! they host kid's craft birthday parties, among other things) and Ruby Dog's Art House (random awesome craft supplies, lots of vintage ephemera). I might have found a little something for Beca at Ruby's. Maybe. I also got some tiny keys which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT!!! They are going to make the best necklaces ever. They are real old keys, and the tiny ones that say "presto" are my new favourite thing. I bought all the ones I saw :O (I bought a lot of keys you guys. I better get makin'.)

The magnet is by Jennifer Conway (see and/or buy some here): it's for Ben's dad, probably for father's day? So cute! I thought the disk (I have more with other numbers) could be fun on a keychain with other beads/charms. We'll see how that goes. To see more of the fabric you can check out this photo from Spool of Thread's Flickr stream.

Ok. I think I am going to eat ice cream now. Maybe you should too.


Sarah said...

You found such great things, Stina! I totally didn't make it to Make it! Stuck in studio all day trying to get 'er done. There are a bunch of other markets coming up though, and I'm excited to throw something together for May's Blim at Heritage Hall, even though I think it'll be a slow weekend/show. I hope that you're feeling better or getting your health woes sorted out. Take care of yourself and have a great long weekend! Thanks so much for being such a great blog friend! It's nice to get messages from the outside world while I"m always trapped at school these days! :)

Stina G said...

Thank YOU! I'll try to come check out Blim, it would be nice to wander the area (hopefully it is SUNNNNY!) Hope you had a happy Easter! My weekend was pretty good - full of dogs & family :)