Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend treasures

Last weekend was pretty great! It felt much busier than usual. Ben went to West 4th with me Friday afternoon to exchange something at Lululemon. Well, I was only supposed to exchange one item but I ended up leaving with three things. I was very bad and Ben wasn't very discouraging, haha. He said he'd pay for part of my purchase, and I plan on putting birthday money towards the other things (it's coming up at the end of May). I got a new, comfier sports bra (the key seems to be going 2-3 sizes up from what I would normally wear), a pair of cropped yoga pants and a very cute/sexy workout top.

Friday night we went to see Bright Eyes play at the Commodore Ballroom. I think I saw him at the Malkin Bowl last time so it was pretty sweet to get more up close & personal :) Conor Oberst is one of my favourite artists. He rocks and the concert was AWESOME! By the end of the show my voice was a bit raw and my feet were sore and I was grinning. If you don't know him or his music, here's one of my favourite songs:

Other favourites include "Bowl of Oranges," "Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)" and "Method Acting." But those are just a few of them!

I bought this shirt at the show and I'm a little in love with it. It's super comfy and cute.

Saturday morning Ben brought me coffee in bed because he invariably needs to get up and consume caffeine before I am ready to leave my comfy cocoon. We went out to Pannekoek House for a late breakfast (delicious!) and used our Living Social voucher, which was great, then ran some errands. We dropped by his parent's place as they switched TV providers and gave us their Shaw PVR box thing, which means we can record shows and fast forward through commercials!! This makes me SO, so happy. I'm not a big fan of TV: I have a few shows I like, but I can live without them. I can't stand commercials, I don't like the news, and I HATE it when it feels like the TV is always on, which it often does, to me. Ben watches a lot of TV, at least compared to my preferences :) Anyhow, the box should hopefully make things a wee bit better. Then we went to Superstore, which was a ZOO. We don't usually go there but I wanted to get some cheap plastic drawers for organizing: unfortunately we didn't realize they were having a "No tax" sale. So we saved $11 on our bill but almost lost our sanity. It wasn't all bad though, I got a sweet pink suede belt for cheap and some pastel-y nail polishes which I'm excited to use! The grey one should be good for underneath this slightly ridiculous sparkly blue polish I bought on a whim but wasn't sure what to do with, haha. It should be fun for toenails...

I think the colours are a bit lighter than they appear in the photo.

We were going to see the movie "Hanna" Saturday or Sunday night but didn't make it out. We did some organizing and cleaning at home and a few more errands, like buying some badly needed new pillows at HomeSense. We can sleep through the night again! Yay! I had no idea a pillow could make such a difference. Anyhow, we're planning on going to the movie sometime this week.

What was your weekend like? What did you get up to?


Sarah said...

Love the new nail polish colours! I think you could get away with combining them a bit, too. I like the posts that I've seen with two alternating colours. :) This weekend I'm planning on going to West Van with my mom for a bit. Maybe a Lighthouse Park walk if it's not too cold. I could use a nice view of the ocean and a piece of pie from Savary Island Pie Company. You?

Stina G said...

The purple and grey could look cute alternated! Hmmm...
Pie from Savary Island!! Yum. Sounds like a great weekend :) Ben's going to the soccer game for his friend's birthday today and I was supposed to meet up with someone but they cancelled. So today is yet to be decided! Tomorrow we're going to Make It where we hope to find Ben a new wallet and I hope to not spend money I don't have, haha.

Sarah said...

Yes! I totally forgot that Make It is tomorrow. I might have to go check that out, too. Even though I should really really really be working my butt off this weekend. Oh well, there's always the last minute to do everything, right?

Stina G said...

Yes! Ha ha ha. At least that's what I figured when I was in school...

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog! It's so adorable - I love how airy it is. Okay, that's a weird word to describe it... But it feels very... spring like?

I just suck at coming up with adjectives, maybe I should stop now.

But this was a super post! I love Bright Eyes. And those colours are amazing. Perfection for Easter!

Check out mine?

Micaela said...

my most FAVORITE song ever.

i have a college bf to thank for playing me that song.

(do you like okkervil river too by chance?)


Stina G said...

Yes! Conor is pretty awesome.
I don't know Okkervil River but will go check them out now! Thanks :)

Jessi said...

I didn't know JOE made nail polish - I love their kids clothes!

I saw Hanna, and thought I wouldn't like it - but it was actually really good

Stina G said...

Hello Jessi!
Yeah, JOE makes a lot of stuff now! And I hear you on their kids clothes - I try to avoid that section now because I usually want to buy everything even though I have no-one to buy it for (usually).

I still haven't seen Hanna! I will have to make a date with my man :)