Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buttons and more buttons

I have just a bit of this n that to show you right now. This post is what my grandma would call a "doggy's breakfast" which basically means a mess and, well, anyhow, it is what it is, haha. The top photo is of some buttons I made with my friend Sam awhile ago. I sold a few at the Blim market. I've been considering throwing some random stuff (older jewelry designs that are still hanging around on sale, these buttons...) into my old Etsy shop but haven't decided yet. Some will make their way into packages as bonuses (if you make a purchase and have a button request let me know and I will try to fulfill your wishes :) ). Below is a very poor photo (sorry) of buttons from the Got Graft swag bag I won in December.

There was a bag full of random old buttons so I cleaned them all and sorted them, as you can see (they didn't even all make it into the photo!) and Ben made fun of my buttons sorted into like half of our cups/shot glasses. So maybe I'm a little crazy when it comes to sorting and organizing. I have no idea what I'll do with them all but two of them have made their way into those woven leather bracelets I've started making (one is pictured below). Here are a couple bracelets that will be in the shop soon:

(enameled metal fish bead, faceted glass and tiger ebony wood bead bracelet)

(woven leather bracelet with faceted glass beads, a sterling silver bead and upcycled button closure)

I've also listed a few new things in the Etsy shop so far this week, including these earrings:

(sterling silver earwires, metal filigree circles and pink dyed jade beads)

I also had a request today for 12 of a keychain I have listed in my shop. I am trying to make it happen but I don't think I'm going to be able to find more of the charms I used :( Bummer! But, it was at least nice to get the request. I'm looking at one more place tomorrow before I message her back.

Hope this wasn't too all over the place! I'll be back soon, hopefully with something more cohesive :)


beca said...

you could also pin those buttons to your business card and send them out with orders. I've seen that a lot and love it!

Jessi said...

buttons are so fun to make!

Stina G said...

Beca, some will definitely go into Etsy orders as a little 'extra.' I used to looove buttons. I put them on EVERYTHING. I don't have as many places to put them anymore, but I still collect them greedily, haha. I think I need a board to just display them all on or something :)

Jessi, yes they sure are! I had never made them before but my friend has a machine and I found the process extremely satisfying :)

Sarah said...

Great new stuff, Stina! Love all the summery colours you're using...although it is most definitely NOT summer here! I'm so sick of this weather!

Good luck with your search for more charms! I hope yu have a great weekend. :)

Stina G said...

Thanks Sarah! And NO KIDDING. Come on Vancouver, enough already. It is time for summer. Didn't you get the memo? PS: that means no more snow, hail or pounding rain. Thanks.

The charm search was a fail but I did gorge myself on bright new beads at the bead show today... this weekend's going great so far and I plan on continuing that. Hope yours is awesome!