Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Flip This Week!

So it's my birthday on Saturday and I was just getting excited about my birthday week yesterday (my grandpa always told me to celebrate the whole week) when it turned slightly disastrous. Penny necessitated an expensive vet trip last night, and as if that wasn't enough, the hard drive on my beloved Macbook died and I hadn't backed it up! Pretty lame!! But I want to turn this week upside down (or right side up?) so you can use the coupon code "party20" at checkout in my Etsy shop to get %20 off your purchase until the end of Sunday! I could use the extra money, evidently, and it's always a great feeling when someone purchases one of my items. You could also wish me happy birthday, if you like :)

I hope you'll share this coupon code! You could tweet "Help celebrate @_honeywild_ 's bday by using the code "party20" at checkout from her shop for %20 off your purchase!" and I would be super appreciative!

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