Monday, May 16, 2011

Tiny old treasures

Here are a couple of the things I'd been meaning to share! I stopped by a thrift store in my area a week or two ago when I was out running errands. I was looking for things that I might use in a table display at a market or craft fair but of course wandered around and took a peek at everything. I saw a single Matryoshka doll (which made me think of Beca :) ). Upon opening it I found, rather than more dolls, that it was hiding a mini (empty) booze bottle, which made me laugh. Someone was being sneaky. Anyhow, I ended up picking up to little things for about $3 total.

I totally fell in love with the little crystal ashtray. Partly because it makes me nostalgic for my grandparents' house, and partly because it's so cute! It's like a child's ashtray! Which is maybe a bad way to describe it, haha. Anyhow, right now it's holding business cards in front of my little jewelry display in my office. The little footed rose dish thing presumably once had a lid and was for pills or something. But it's so sweet! I'm thinking of making it into the base for a pincushion I'm thinking of making for my mom. If not it will probably join the numerous little dishes on my desk that hold miscellaneous beads. The thrift store I went into felt a little ghetto and grubby, but I enjoyed myself! :) I really look forward to having a bit more cash so I can go thrifting more often. I have many dreams of what I might find, haha. Have you found any treasures lately?

PS: The black and white photo in the background of the first photo is a street photography snapshot of my great grandparents. Can you see how tall my grandma was compared to my little grandpa? It makes me smile.


beca said...

oooh, you know how much I love those little dolls. I keep saying that I will stop, but every time Doug finds one, he gets it for me. I can't stop!!

I love that old photo! SO much life!

Stina G said...

Haha. Yeah. Almost bought it, mostly because of you, haha.

Thanks! I'd love to share other old family photos. Have to get around to taking photos or scanning them.

Sarah said...

Haha, you're right, your great grandmother was kind of a giant compared to her husband. :) I also really love that footed rose dish that you found. It might make a nice home for an air plant or two, too. Happy long weekend, Stina!

Stina G said...

I have a few fun old photos of them, I plan on sharing others in the future. I have a very rosy, romantic view of their relationship :)