Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A wee update

I have been very bad about real updates here! Oops. There's been a lot going on. I really need to work on those time management skills!! Anyhow, let's see. The weekend before last I saw the play "The Graduate" and man, it was oh-so-good!! I've actually never seen the movie [but I will soon :) ] but I LOVED the play. It was put on at the Arts Club theater on Granville Island with music by the local band Ivory Sky, which was really good as well!

Then last week I went for testing for my new job. Did I tell you I FINALLY got a job?!? Yay!! It's with the Public Health Services (PHSA) and I am SO very grateful to Ben's mom for pulling strings to get me in. I'm now part of their "administrative resource team (ART)" which is basically their casual pool, so I could get called to work for 2 days or for 2 months, I really don't know. I get payed better than I had hoped and I can apply to full time positions from the inside now. I'm pretty psyched! Anyhow, I did testing for some Microsoft Office programs and typing and my boss was really impressed with my results! Yay! That means she can send me to more jobs. So now I just wait for her to call, haha. Tests were on Wednesday and since I didn't get called after that I worked at FurDoos (my old job at my friend's dog grooming shop) Thursday-Saturday. If I don't get any full-time work she will probably want me to come in on my free days to help her out as she's getting really busy now. But, I am supposed to go to a meeting about a job that may be full time for a month or two at the PHSA, so I am waiting for that call! I would be really happy to be making that money :)

This past weekend I checked out the new Anthropologie store in Vancouver (yay!) since I got a coupon for my birthday. I got a sweet butterfly-wing print skirt that should be good for wearing to work. It isn't really my usual style but I like the fit, it's very cute, it has pockets!! and I like the butterfly wings :) I also went to the Blim market and met Sarah of Sadie Designs! She is so sweet and it was great to meet her in person. I bought a pair of earrings I'd been lusting after online from her, as well as some sweet red rose cabochon stud earrings from another artisan. Here I am at Ambleside yesterday wearing my Sadie earrings (please excuse my squinty face, it was bright & windy).

I had hoped to get out and do more since it was a long weekend, but Ben's been sick so things didn't go quite as planned. Oh well. I just hope he's better soon, for his sake as well as mine. I think I will totally lose it if the freaking TV is on all the time for much longer. It drives me super bonkers!

I have more to share so I will be back soon!


Brittany said...

That skirt is so cute! I think that will look great on you. I'm so, so happy for you that you have a job, as well!

Stina G said...

Thanks!! And yes, me too! Finally! xoxo.