Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Goods!

(from No Strings Attached)

Although I was feeling pretty terrible on my birthday (a couple weeks ago - I was sick on top of some other set-backs) I had a pretty great day and was very spoiled! I spent the day on the couch watching movies with my honey and our pups. We watched Enchanted, which never gets old. I never liked James Marsden until this movie, in which he is HILARIOUS! Now he's cute and entertaining :) We also watched Gnomeo & Juliet, which was cute, and No Strings Attached, which was GREAT! I have a huge crush on Natalie Portman, I'll tell you right now. But regardless, the movie was smart, true to life and made me laugh really hard. I strongly suggest you watch it. The carrots in the picture above must have you intrigued! It's a great moment. Anyhow...

Then I opened presents (and ate pie!). A lot of my presents were from Etsy - go figure :)

My mom got me this purse which I'd been pining after for months!

From infusion : it is beautiful and incredibly well made with great detailing inside, like the clip for my keys (which unfortunately I think my keychain is too big and heavy for - oh well).

Ben got me this completely amazing one-of-a-kind labradorite ring from my wishlist:

From Clementine (love the name!) : I can't believe this stone, I've never seen such a gorgeous labradorite before! It's a beautiful ring made with clean lines and like the listing said, looks like an ethereal forest with those lines in the stone.

And this print I've been wanting by Paule Trudel Bellemare (you may remember that I posted an adorable print of a girl holding a pug by her awhile back).

from her shop : I love it! It's so very pretty and I can't wait to get it framed and on my wall.

I also got the two new latest books from my favourite graphic novel series, Fables.

I am totally obsessed, they are sooo good. Not only because I'm a fairy tales addict, but that helps :) And my best friend Carolyn, who is the sweetest, just gave me a $100 gift certificate to the spa when I saw her today!! She figures we've known each-other for ten years now so she had to get me something special for our "10 year anniversary." She's the best! I am lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.


abby said...

Happy Birthday Stina! :>

Brittany said...

AND you also got a totally awesome Diana Mini! ;o)

I LOVE that bag!! And the ring!! Those are both so amazing!

Stina G said...

Thank you Abby!

Britt, I am so neglectful! I forgot my super duper early gifts! I will have to do another post to share them :)

Stina G said...

PS: I know, I am sooo grateful! :) The bag is so fantastic, and the ring of course is stunning. There's a gorgeous geode slice ring in the Clementine shop that I love as well [well, I love a lot of it :) ]. I might share it in a future post.

Brittany said...

Just giving you a hard time. ;o) I really wish I could justify that purse! I really, really like it. I am being so good at saving money right now, though. Ha ha! Maybe if I sell a bunch of soap I can. Except for that whole "buying kayak" thing. Hmmm...

Micaela said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! sounds like my perfect celebration ;) i have gnomio and juliet on my to-watch list but husband took me to see "no strings attached"-- SO CUTE! the mixed tape-- LOL! i told my husband he needed to buy me some balloons ;) ha!


Stina G said...

Thanks Micaela! Yup, it was pretty good. My mom was going to make dinner but I declined (I had no appetite) - I then informed her we had pie, which of course I ate! :)
The mix-tape! Haha. I forgot about that. So great.