Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blanket ID

The girls have new ID tags! I thought we had some photos that showed the new tags better, but Ben took the photos and I didn't check them until later. They are from Blanket ID: rather than having your personal info on the tag, Blanket ID's tags have their website and an ID number on the back. You register your tag online and enter your info, which is super simple to do. Whoever finds your pet can go online and enter the code from the tag and get all pertinent info on you & your dog. As well as contact info you can include things such as medical issues and food allergies. You can also update your info whenever you want, which is great if you want to travel with your pet. You could change the info to the hotel you're staying at, for example. The really cool thing about this service is that when you mark your pet as lost on the Blanket ID site, your pet's info and photo is sent to local shelters, vets and local Blanket members. Pretty great! Also, the tags are really cute, and the clips you can order along with them to make switching tags from collar to collar are really great. I bought a different one for Josie awhile back but it was terrible and fell off her collar shortly after I attached it. These ones are small but very strong and won't be going anywhere. They've been on for at least a week on both dogs with no problems. I still have tags on both girls with our phone numbers so there's an easy way to get a hold of us if the finder weren't near a computer (or computer literate :) ).

This post isn't sponsored, I just think this is a great product, and I love Cate, one of the founders of Blanket ID. She is the sweetest. An added bonus is that more than %15 of the profits from these tags go to helping animals in need. Awesome! They also have a great program called "Funds Forever" which helps provide more funds for animal organizations. I'm feeling pretty wiped after my day right now though (which I'll tell you about later) (I'm writing this on Wednesday night) so I'll let you find out more about this awesome program at the link I added above.

Here are images of the girls' tags, pulled from the website. Penny's is the bubbly one called "Bounce" and Josie's is the flower one called "Peony Green."

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