Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunny weekend!

We finally had a gorgeous sunny weekend, and on the long weekend no less! YAY!! I used to carry my camera around with me EVERYWHERE and take tons of pictures, but I've gotten out of the habit in the past couple of years. I've been meaning to change that so I will make a more concerted effort to bring one and take pics in the future. I didn't know Ben was taking these photos, which are brought to us courtesy of his iPhone. We were dogsitting our friend's dog this weekend so we took all three mutts to the dog park at Ambleside on Saturday and let them run wild. Which was surprisingly not as wild as we'd imagined. Due to some of her earlier shenanigans we've been afraid of trusting Penny off-leash, so she's always been on leash when we go out. We've been working with a dog whistle at home though, and on Friday when she was tearing around the backyard with our friend's dog Luke she came right away every time I blew the whistle (knowing she was going to get a treat - she is HIGHLY food motivated). So Saturday we let her off leash and sort of expected her to go tearing off into the trees, but she didn't do that once. She stuck around us for the most part and when she did go for a run she didn't go far or out of sight. She also came back every time we called her or blew the whistle! Awesome! So it was a really good day and we felt great about our little dog :)

I was wearing my new Roxy sun hat, I think its pretty cute! I've wanted a hat like this for a couple years but I'm super picky and I couldn't find one that fit my fat head that I liked once I got it on. Now I also want another one I saw when I got this, a round wide brim cutie, but I can't really justify the purchase right now. It would be nice to get the extra shade, especially when we go to Osoyoos or Ruby Lake, but I still haven't been called into work so we're on a really tight budget right now. Oh well. It's tough but it's making me work on my shopping habit, haha.

We had a pretty low-key Canada Day celebration at my mom's on Friday night: she had a bunch of friends and family over and we can see the fireworks (from far away) from our windows and sundeck. What did you get up to this weekend? Any Canada Day/Fourth of July partying?

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