Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update - a sale and broken hands

So, I haven't updated you on my hands! Sorry. I had a few posts scheduled and I took the weekend off from the computer. Mostly because using them makes my hands want to die! Pretty lame. The x-ray and blood test (oh yay, love those!) results came back with nothing, so it's probably just nasty tendonitis! Friday I had been busy editing photos and listing items and other things online and by the evening the saddle joints (thumbs) were BURNING. So I iced my hands for the rest of the night, and have been off and on since then. I am now because just fixing a few photos and listing a few items is bothering them. It's really frustrating. Other than taking advil and icing my hands all I can do is try not to use my hands too much to do things like text, use my laptop and other fine handwork, like make jewelry. So, you know, just refrain from doing the things which generally take up most of my time. I didn't know what to do with myself all weekend! Haha. I did make some jewelry, trying not to do anything that aggravated my hands. If I get photos taken there should be a gorgeous sparkly new bracelet in the shop soon.

Ok, onto better topics! Like a sale! Who doesn't love a sale? Many of the items in my shop have been discounted. The details are in each individual listing, and sale items are marked with "SUMMER SALE" in the title. Pretty simple! Go wild!

earrings available here

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