Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yum Yum

I have a growing collection of recipes I'd like to try out on my "to make" pinboard on Pinterest. A few of those are for different kinds of edible cook dough. I am a bit of a cookie dough fiend. My grandma wouldn't let me eat it so I would steal some from the bowl when she wasn't looking, run into the dining room around the corner and scarf it down as quickly as possible. I still eat it out of the bowl when I make cookies - Ben says I'm going to get sick but I will not be deterred! I have been thinking about making a "safer" alternative though. So I can sit on the couch and eat as much as I like. Don't judge. One of the recipes on my list is this raw version. Not only is it safer as it doesn't have raw eggs, but it's healthier than the usual ingredients. Dig in I say! Once I get off my butt and make it I'll be sure to give my feedback.

image from the linked website

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