Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haunting Olivia

I've been joining in on the book club this summer with Sarah, Beca and Carla. This month was Beca's pick, and she went with "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" by Karen Russel. There's a story in it called "Haunting Olivia," where a couple of boys go looking for their sister's ghost underwater with a set of magical goggles. Through the goggles they can see ghosts, which glow. Shortly after reading the story I came upon this piece of art on Etsy and couldn't believe it - it totally looked like it belonged with the story! I love it, I think it's beautiful.

This piece is from the holli shop on Etsy.

the image belongs to holli


Janelle said...

I love the funny little eyes on the face of the figure.

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Gale said...

I really realllly want to read that book now! Seems like something I'd be interested in. I wonder if I can get it at my local library. I'll have to check tomorrow. Thanks for posting on this:D

Stina G said...

Thanks ladies! I love that print. Gale, it's good! Good luck with the library. I had to wait for it at mine but eventually got a hold of it - I'm about half-way through.

Sarah said...

This was one of my favourite stories in the book. I loved the ending when they realize that Olivia "could be everywhere". I'm reading not-the-best book now. I'm glad that you like the one Beca picked. I really enjoyed it, too!

Stina G said...

I loved that part too! I'm enjoying the book but looking forward to finishing it and getting back to The Time-Traveler's Wife :) I'm about half-way through.