Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Answers

on the patio a month ago with the girls

Hello loves! I am feeling more human than I have in ages! YAY! I finally saw the rheumatologist yesterday. It was a trying and kind of rough day, but it was also a big relief. I got kind of faint and sick twice during the appointment :( But, I now have a diagnosis and a treatment plan and new medications.

I have inflammatory arthritis, although we haven't pinpointed the exact type I have yet. He said it was pretty accelerated after checking me out and in a way it was nice to have someone validate how I've been feeling. He's got me taking prednisone for a few weeks to hopefully take care of this flare-up. He's also putting me on another disease-treating medication (I'll be on two of those now) which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. He said they try to treat aggressively right away and that will hopefully lessen the long-term effects of the disease, I think (it was A LOT of information, I don't remember everything 100%). He's also sent a referral for me to go to a Physio clinic at the hospital that's one of the best in the province for arthritis (so at least I live in a good place for it :) ). I'm not psyched to have arthritis, but I am relieved to have a diagnosis and know that we're treating it with gusto. It could definitely have been worse (a few family members were convinced I had lupus). It's scary to think about having this forever, since when it flares up I can't do the things I love like write, draw and make jewelry, as well as other basic everyday activities, but hopefully we can control the flare-ups better from here on out. Not knowing what was going on was a bit terrifying and I couldn't stop myself from worrying and wondering about my future every day. Having a diagnosis and some physical relief from the drugs already is making me feel SO MUCH better. I still have a lot of questions, but those will be answered in time, for the most part. Anyhow, I guess that's that for now! Wanted to share the news.

PS: Yes, those are croc-type shoes, and they're kind of hideous, but they've been the most comfortable thing for me these days. I haven't worn them much for going out but they're all I wear around the house right now.

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ThisTinder said...

Yay, having a diagnosis helps a lot right? When my boyfriend was diagnosed with OCD a couple years ago it was a *huge* relief for both of us, just to know how to approach it. Things are looking up!

Brittany said...

Yay, so, so, SO GLAD to hear you got an official diagnosis and no more wondering!! I will cross fingers that the meds and PT will work!

P.S. I did tee-hee at your pink Crocs when I first started reading your post. ;o)

Rebecca said...

I also know the feeling of relief with a diagnosis (first hypoglycemia and then lactose intolerance). Very good that it's not lupus (which my mum has) and I'm cheering the meds on to do their work well!

Stina G said...

Kerry, it totally does! I may be bummed but a huge load of anxiety has been lifted off my chest.

Britt, thanks love! And I know. They are hideous, haha. I've been thinking of trying to find a less-hideous pair for when I have bad days. And maybe some nice birkenstocks :)

Hello Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. And thank you! Yes, thank goodness it wasn't something worse.

Marie said...

I hope you were able to make something pretty today. I like your patio, by the way. Do you Instagram? Let's see how may places we can be friends :)

Stina G said...

Thanks Marie! I did make one necklace yesterday and hope to do more today. My joints feel a bit better today than yesterday. Our patio is pretty nice, we really ought to spend more time out there. We've been talking about getting those lounger type chairs, or something comfier. Mmmm. Just need to make some $$ :)
I made my boyfriend get Instagram on his phone when he got it, but I don't have an iphone yet & it isn't available for my bb :( I plan on getting an iphone in the next few months though and when I do I will definitely want to connect with you on there! :)

Marie said...

Instagram is soo addicting! It's made me sort of lazy with my real camera, but I've been working on changing that. It's like a whole new world, sort of like twitter but even better :)

Gale said...

I'm really happy you're feeling better, got a diagnosis, drugs, and everything. Phew..that must be a huge weight off your shoulders! I hope everything goes well from now on especially being so close to that place your doc referred you to.
Pouring love your way:)


Stina G said...

Thanks sweetheart!! It is a great relief. It's still frustrating & that, but I feel so much better knowing what it is and that we're working on getting it into remission. Fingers crossed for that & that it doesn't take forever! :)