Friday, September 2, 2011

Baron the Best!

Ok, so I know I often share adoptable pets that I think are lovely on here, and have gushed about many of them, but SERIOUSLY THIS TIME, I want to take this guy home!!!

He is so gorgeous!! And his description sounds like *exactly* what we want in a big dog. They believe he's a pitty/mastiff cross, around 7 years old and about 70 lbs. He's a volunteer fave, loves people and dogs and is apparently the "resident 'grandpa' to the naughty puppies and just tolerates their antics with endless patience" (sounds like Daddy from the Dog Whisperer, who we love!). Anyhow, the list of his loveliness goes on. He has arthritis in his hips which makes me more of a softy for him. We can't have him where we live now (too crowded for three dogs!!) but have been planning on looking at new places after Ben gets his ticket (for work, as an electrician) which should be this month! If we find a new place and Baron is still at the shelter I think he has a home with us. I'm so smitten. I haven't met him in person but that's because I probably wouldn't be able to leave him at the shelter, and then I would be in trouble. I would rename him Baron Von Cheeseburger, in case you were wondering. He's at the Vancouver Animal Control Shelter, and you can see his page here.


Marie said...

he is too adorable.

Stina G said...

I KNOW, right?! :D