Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good News and a Big Rant About Work

Penny-pie at the cabin

So, I have exciting news (if you didn't already catch it on Twitter)! Ben took a test a couple weeks ago to essentially challenge his last 3 years of school & get his electrical ticket to become a journeyman. And guess what - he passed!! We are both SO EXCITED!! We've been waiting for this so that we could start moving forward on moving up and out! Right now he's at a training course in California but when he gets back he'll have a meeting with his bosses, probably next week. At that meeting they will hopefully give him his raise, and when he's got that we're going to the bank to get pre-approved for a mortgage! It's kind of hard to believe. We're hoping to get a townhouse and then we can adopt a big dog! And have our own space! And get a big dog! Can you tell I'm excited??

I've got a few other things on my mind lately. Like how frustrated I am with my work/no work situation. Like how I still haven't been payed for those two days I worked over a month ago! Closer to two months. Multiple phone calls later, no one is phoning me back, I have not been payed. This happened with the first two days I worked for them as well. You should not have to make 6 phone calls to two people and wait 4 pay periods to get your (measly) paycheck! ARG. They are paid really well for their government jobs, I don't understand why this is so hard for them to get right. Pay frustrations aside, I had to wait about 3 months before getting that second job, and I'm concerned that sort of thing might continue. I can't afford to never work/never be payed. I wasn't able to work for awhile there, but I am now and we need money, honey. I called my boss to say I'm able to work, and to talk about my paycheck, and she didn't pick up so I left her a message and asked her to call me but of course she hasn't. As per usual. Sorry, I guess I am a little bitter. I didn't realize how frustrated I was with her!

So, on the other side of this, a potential opportunity presented itself today. I'm volunteering for an event this Saturday for HomeFinders Rescue and I've been giving flyers out to pet stores in North Van yesterday and today. My last stop today was Natural Plus Pets (or whatever they're going by these days. Korna?) and I was talking with the manager. She put up the flyers for me, and I told her that the missing chihuahua Lily had been found (miracle! she'd been missing for like 2 months) since they had her poster up. Then I wandered the store for a bit, picking up treats for the girls which they absolutely don't need or necessarily deserve, and when I was going to the counter I saw that they now carry Blanket ID. So I mentioned it to the manager, saying they were great and the owners were wonderful (TRUTH) and (sorry, I feel I am getting rambly, as I am prone to when telling stories :s) she was like how do you know all these organizations? So I told her I connect with a lot of them online, and that I used to work at Fetch/FurDoos as well, and she asked me if I was looking for a job. Apparently she's looking for someone experienced for a full-time position. Part of me is resistant because I left FurDoos planning on getting "a real job," potentially admin work, and planning on making more money an hour. Working for the PHSA (where I am now) fits that bill: the wage is GREAT and if I were to get a permanent position somewhere within the PHSA I'd get benefits and potentially a pension. However the reality is that I find trying to deal with my boss (ie: trying to contact her and/or trying to get paid) incredibly frustrating, and I've had hardly any work out of 5 months. Seriously: 4 days of work in 5 months. Yes, 2 of those days were supposed to be a month of work, which would have been awesome, and it was cut short because of my health problems. But, before that I had no work for about 3 months, and that may happen again. This would pay less, undoubtedly, but full time sounds good right now, and I love that sort of environment (mental for dogs! hello!), I'm good at it and know a lot about it, and getting a discount on dog supplies, especially if we're getting a third, would be nice. So, I guess I will bring my resume by tomorrow and see what the story is! Hopefully she is working tomorrow - I neglectfully forgot to ask her name. Dummy me.

(Update - I wrote the above last night) I talked to a girl I know from high school who used to work there & got the manager's name. I think I'll bring my resume by today and hopefully I get a bit more info. Either way it can't hurt to find out more. I was going to talk about something else in this post too but it's gotten rather long! So I'll save it for later :)
(Yes, Penny is just there to look cute)


Brittany said...

Wow, so much cool excitement happening! Except for the having to track down your paycheck sucks. That is super lame! I'm really crossing my fingers that the pet shop job works out! I know it's not exactly what you were hoping for, but at least you would be doing what you love and getting a steady paycheck for it! I can't wait to hear what happens when you bring your resume by!!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Adorable puppy! :) Congrats on the great news, that's wonderful!

Stina G said...

Thanks Britt! Love you <3

Hi Trina, thanks! She's a sweet, nutty little girl :) And yes, I'm so excited for our future! Lots of changes happening/coming up, all good.

ThisTinder said...

Penny is so cute! I would be really hesitant to have that PHSA (What does that stand for anyway?) job as my main option considering the pay issue and the lack of hours. It's really strange that you're having pay cheque issues if it's a government job!! I really do believe that a job you *love* is soo much better than one that's just long as you're able to live comfortably on the wages. Do you get benefits through Ben (congrats by the way!)? That would help even things out as would a raise. Maybe you can work the f/t job and keep picking up shifts at the other one?

Stina G said...

Thanks Kerry! PHSA is the Public Health Services Authority. It is very frustrating, especially since it has the POTENTIAL to be a great job situation, but falls so short :(
I agree about enjoying your job! And I do get benefits through Ben's company (thank goodness).
We'll see where things fall but it looks like I might have a new job. I had an interview today and she basically said I'm in. I realized I have a number of appointments and that which I need to keep in October though, and I'm not sure what she'll think of that. I am going to stay with the PHSA for now, in that I am not quitting or anything. Not sure if I'll be able to get work with them if I take the new job, but we'll see!