Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cute for a cause

ADORABLE! Little white and grey poodles are probably my favourite kind of poodle. They are so darn cute and I am a sucker, even for the one that barks every time it comes into the store I work in. So I want this one, and the super sweet hand-woven cowl she's wearing! What's even better is that 20% of the sale price of all items from this shop go to the Riverside City Animal Shelter in California. Check out this cowl and more in the Charlie Hearts Diesel shop here.

*image belongs to CharlieHeartsDiesel


Kerry said...

I love standard alway seems to shock me that they come in such a big size haha!

Just wanted to give you the heads up, I passed on the Liebster Award to you on my blog today :)

Stina G said...

Haha, I have loved a few standards! Ben has a hate on for poodles and says we're never getting one, but he is sadly mistaken ;)

Thanks for the blog award, that's super sweet! I'll have to get on that tomorrow.