Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Addition

I have a few things I need to take the time to sit down and share soon but I've been a bit all over the place lately! So until then I felt I needed to at least share our newest addition with you! We've adopted a kitty! Maggie is about 9 years old and wasn't getting along with the resident blue heeler at her last home. He was a bit intense. She's been fine with other dogs though, so we hope we'll all be able to get along here! We only got her last night and she's still pretty into hiding so I don't have a very good photo of her.

Here she is snuggled in a corner beside a chest of drawers & behind things I have yet to find a home for (I realllly need some shelving in my office/workspace asap!). She won't come out during the day yet but she let me give her rubs & scratches and gave me a nice healthy purrrr :) She's super soft and fluffier than a regular short-hair cat. She has sweet little white paws and big gorgeous eyes. I can't wait for her to get more comfortable here and really show herself! :)

I've got her in my room upstairs and have blocked off the last set of stairs up so the dogs can't go make a huge fuss at the door. They still make a fuss down below when I go up there, but whatcha gonna do. Hopefully I'll have a better photo to share soon!

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