Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keds dilemma

Ok loves, I need your opinion! I bought these today:
Except mine are dark denim. They're pretty cute and the light thread contrasts nicely with the dark denim. I was a bit torn between them and the all black ones though:
Cute and feel a little retro to me :) Might be better for wearing with denim? I want them for wearing with skinny jeans and maybe shorts/skirts etc. The denim are really sweet with floral print inside and the contrasting thread outside which I really like. But maybe the all black would wear better & go better with everything? But maybe the thread contrast makes the other ones look "nicer" ? I can't even really afford one pair so I definitely can't get both this time like I did with those sweaters, haha (bad girl!). I only have two pair of skinnies that are blue denim, so that wouldn't be an issue with everything I wear...

I know this is totally silly but I need some input!


Bark Decor said...

Blue! You made a great choice in my opinion!

Stina G said...

Thanks Sara! I think so too... Sometimes I need affirmation, haha.