Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Handmade Joy Exchange

I recently took part in a swap organized by Anne of My Giant Strawberry. It was a "handmade joy exchange" where everyone made something for someone else. I had so much fun putting together my package for Judy of Harfelt Fabric Art,

and loved opening my sparkly package from Vixie of Matin Lapin!

I also love that name - morning rabbit - so sweet!

I made Judy's earrings with vintage silver bows I'd just bought and peach aventurine faceted semi-precious stone beads. I also sent her a peachy flower petal button I'd made and enjoyed making her package beautiful with a big bloom on the front, cute notepaper etc :) You can read more about the exchange and see photos of other handmade joy pieces and packages on Anne's blog here! Thanks Anne and everyone else, this was great fun!


Judy Hartman said...

I'm so glad to finally address you directly, Stina! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the earrings and feel so lucky to have received them!! You are super talented and so kind to send such a beautiful gift! Thank you, thank you!
Yes, it was a very joyful exchange!!

Anne said...

Great post, Stina! So glad you finally got your package (and got to enjoy it coming back from your trip!).

It was great to have you join in the swap with all of us.

What fun to see Vixie's package, too (she kept it secret even from me!). Sparkly, glittery goodness!

Glad you had fun; I did, too!

Karen L R said...

Oh, I am a sucker for paper cranes! They are so sweet and tiny.

Those are lovely earrings you made for Judy...

sharon said...

It's pretty obvious from reading everyone's posts today that lots of joy has been circling the globe with this exchange. So nice to have met such talented, beautiful people.

laubao said...


I really enjoyed reading your post, and discovering what you made! Your earrings are wonderful!!

It was such a joy participating at this exchange! ...CHEERS to our Celebration!!

April said...

What a cool swap!

Vixie said...

I'm so glad you like your sparkles :) those earrings you made for Judy were super cute! This has been so much fun!

Stina G said...

Judy, I'm so glad you love them! Your comment made my day :)

Thanks Anne, it was very nice to come home to :) Thanks again for organizing everything!

Thanks Karen! And me too, I love making paper cranes - the one origami creation I can do by heart :)

Sharon - agreed! :D

Thank Laura, it was great! As was your post ;)

April, it was! Much fun had by all :)

Vixie - thanks again :)

Fruitful Fusion said...

Oh what lovely sparkly goodies for Judy AND from Vixie! Gorgeous!!! I so loved this swap and finding your blog through it!

Stina G said...

Thanks Ishrat! Your meticulous work is really stunning!!