Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well, ok, not quite an emergency, but a small, mini mental money crisis. My best girl Josephine (how can you resist that face?) has broken a tooth, the little stinker, and it is costing oh so very much to fix! I have money set aside for vet emergencies, but this is wiping it clean and I had to do some last minute fancy banking in order to be able to pay the bill later today. If you'd like to lend a hand, or would just like a good deal, then I have the answer my friend! I'm having a sale in my jewelry shop right now - use the coupon code "RUHROH" (without quotation marks) at checkout to get 25% off your whole (honeywild) purchase!

I'm not able to offer a discount in my vintage shop, but if you make a purchase there and mention the code "RUHROH" in the notes to seller I'll send you a wish bracelet as a bonus/thank you!  If you feel inclined to share this post, or re-tweet my sale tweet, my little family would really appreciate it! I'm also adding a Paypal donation button to the right >>> if you'd like to send 2 bits our way :)
- Stina & Josie

{gotta save this smile ;) }

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